Dec 6, 2023

How Caraway increased development velocity 10x with Chord

How Caraway Unlocked a Modern Web Experience with Chord

How Caraway increased development velocity 10x with Chord

Key Stats

  • 10x Developer velocity improvement
  • 52% Site speed improvement
  • 20% Conversion rate increase


  • Founded 2018 and based in New York City.
  • On a mission to craft well-designed, non-toxic ceramic cookware.
  • Went live with Chord in November 2021

Caraway was looking to significantly accelerate the pace of innovation within their small development team, while addressing core issues like sluggish site speed and disparate data.

To accomplish this, Caraway chose to deploy Chord’s front-end and Data solutions on top of their existing Shopify instance.

The Solution

Chord allows us to use the latest technologies and truly build a modern web experience without having to wait for Shopify to unlock those features. — Teo, Engineering Lead at Caraway

Painless setup: Developer-ready, thoughtfully-built codebase and architecture mean a seamless migration.

Streamlined Development Lifecycle: Headless content management means easy version control & higher velocity.

Best-in-class native features: Customizable integrations and futureproof features mean incredible CX without sacrifices.

The Result

Chord enables us to focus on the front-end, so we can create the best possible customer experience. — Teo, Engineering Lead at Caraway

Thanks to Chord's developer-centric architecture, codebase and experience, Caraway has seen some impressive early returns on its Chord implementation.

Chord’s Static Site Generation means quicker page loads

52% improvement on page load times.

A more responsive site means more checkouts

Year-over-year comparisons show a conversion rate improvement of 20%.

Shorter load times means fewer bounces

Customers are sticking around longer thanks to a more responsive site — bounce rates are down 35%.

Chord is purposefully designed by DTC experts to allow development teams to go farther, faster.

Chord’s managed infrastructure empowers bespoke builds without runaway costs and constant maintenance.

Differentiate your site: Chord’s flexible SDK lets you build the customer experience you want.

Use the best tools: Chord makes adding points solutions easy and secure through pre-built integrations via our CDP.

Act on insights: Chord is pre-configured and instrumented with best-in-class data collection, modeling, and synthesized insights.

To learn more about how Chord can help streamline your developer experience and increase velocity, book a demo now.

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