The E-Commerce Data Platform Reimagining the Modern Data Stack

Unlock your data to gain insights and drive impactful growth across all channels and teams with a unified view and high relevancy personalized experiences.

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Managed end-to-end Customer data platform

Seamlessly Unify Your Customer Data from Every Touchpoint

Break down your data silos and take control of your data with Chord's sophisticated CDP and an extensive analytics suite that includes predictive analysis and machine learning insights.

Chord's managed CDP lies at the core of e-commerce data unification, seamlessly bringing together every customer interaction across channels. Ensuring no transaction or behavior goes unnoticed, granting you a comprehensive view of your customers' journey.

Advanced ETL processes, to not only ingest data, but also refine it, delivering clean actionable insights

insights with purpose-built data models

Transform Complex Data into Actionable Intelligence

Intricate user stitching to detailed sessionization, with models to interpret complex data points, providing a clear understanding of consumer behavior

Empower your teams to make informed decisioned backed by datasets that accurately reflect the nuances of e-commerce dynamics

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Activate data across teams and tools

Empower Your Business Drivers with Instant Data Access

Data activation becomes a reality for every team member.

With democratized data access, allow marketers, product managers, and customer success teams to harness insights instantly for campaigns and strategic initiatives.

Seamlessly integrate with your marketing stack to deliver data precisely where it's needed. From targeted email campaigns to personalized customer experiences, Chord ensures your data is always in play, driving conversions and fostering exponential growth.

reduce tech clutter and outscale competitors

Future Proof and Purpose-Built for Infinite Flexibility

Unified E-Commerce Suite - all your orders, subscriptions, and content in one place, with the scalability to embrace future market demands

Managed CDP Excellence - from event tracking to data modeling, get a comprehensive solution that grows with you

Flexibility for the Future - a single end-to-end platform that evolves with you, integrating new features and tools so you're always ahead of the curve

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